Keeping Thanksgiving Local: Our 2014 Shopping Guide

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The turkey:
Greenmarket: If you’ve yet to turn your rooftop into a poultry farm and want to know exactly where your bird comes from, the Greenmarket is for you. Greenmarket’s 2014 Turkey Buying Guide lets you choose your farm, your breed and your pickup location. With markets all over the city, there must be one out there that’s convenient enough. Meet with your farmer, get your bird and it’ll be all gravy.

The pie:
LifeThyme Market: These days, when it comes to dessert, there’s always a guest in the room asking: “Is this vegan? Is it gluten-free?” To please all of your guests, get your pies at the LifeThyme Market. Their baked-from-scratch kosher, organic vegan pies come in four different flavors: pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan and apple crumb. They even have organic vegan raw pumpkin pies for your rawsome guests.

The wine:
Back Label Wine Merchants: Pairing wines with the many varied dishes served on Thanksgiving can be tricky, but Back Label will get you covered. With one of the largest selections in NYC, you’ll probably end up with enough wine for Christmas dinner too. And next door is Stinky Bklyn, so you can even nosh on delicious cheese while you make your selection.

The rest:
Sweet Roots: From seasonal Waldorf salad to butternut squash and roasted nut stuffing with Ottomonelli & Son’s fennel pork sausage, Sweet Roots’ menu has something for everybody: vegans and carnivores, bread eaters and gluten-free gourmets. Order online and your packages will come with a day-of game plan, so you know exactly what to do in the hours leading up to dinner time.

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