Lamia’s Brings Mediterranean Feels to Ave B

The decor is transportive. Photo by Peter Ruprecht.

Lamia is the name of a city in central Greece, and it’s also the name of a new restaurant in Alphabet City on Avenue B. Tucked into the middle of a block, Lamia’s Fish Market is stunning on the inside. 

The decor makes it feel as if you’ve been transported outside of New York City and into an almost fairytale-looking underwater world—a lot of the decor, furniture fixtures and windows are actually repurposed from ships. There are smaller cozy nooks for couples, small families, or grabbing dinner with close friends, as well as seating for larger parties. The whole location is made up of two floors and feels very intimate. 

Though many of the fish are sourced from the Mediterranean, there are local options: Some of the oysters are from Fire Island and a New York red snapper from the raw bar. Whole fish on the menu can be grilled or salt-baked. The salt bake is when the fish (preferably one over two pounds) is encrusted in a mound of salt and then baked inside the salt. Once it’s finished, it’s wheeled over to a patron who then hits the hardened salt with wooden mallets to get the fish out of salt. The red snapper is then filleted and served with a few herbs and lemon wedges. The seasoning isn’t overpowering, which makes it easy to pair with many of the appetizers like fish fries (fried pieces of fish that look like actual fries), chile garlic shrimp, or the truffle flatbread. 

The waiters are incredibly knowledgeable about the kind of wines that pair well with the seafood that’s chosen. There’s a selection of orange wines, which go very well with lighter fish like red snapper. It’s described as “funky” but refreshing, and it’s a hit with anyone who is into funky, fruity flavors.  

Eating at Lamia’s Fish Market is ideal for anyone who wants a meal and an experience. There’s so much attention to detail on the menu, the drink program, and the decor, giving it the potential to become a Manhattan classic.