Latke Fest 2010: So Many Latkes, So Little Time

Latkes of The World

Speaking of latkes, don’t forget the second annual international latke fest at City Winery this coming Sunday from 4-7 pm, co-hosted by Great Performances, the only city catering company with its own working farm.

Chefs from Chinese, Israeli, Cuban, Russian and American heritage will do their best to be crowned the king or queen of potato pancakes and help to answer the age-old question: chopped or grated potatoes? (We grate, but have enjoyed a chopped latke or two in our day.)

It’s $30, no word yet on what wine goes with latkes — a Finger Lakes sparkling white, perhaps? — and whether that price also includes all-you-can-eat applesauce, but we are fairly sure the answer is yes.

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