Listen to NYC Food Film Fest’s George Motz today at 6 p.m. on Heritage Radio Network

Rachel and Matt, left to right, from the Matt & Rachel Show. Photo by our intrepid Heritage Radio Network producer, Jack Inslee.

Today at 6 p.m. check out George Motz on Heritage Radio Network’s The Matt & Rachel show, the new internet radio talk/trivia/game show launched by yours truly and Matt Timms, the host of the city’s annual chili, bacon, and cookie Takedowns.  (The next is bacon, in Brooklyn, on October 16th.) Motz is the author of the book Hamburger America, the maker of the movie of the same name, and one of the founders of the NYC Food Film Fest, which starts October 13th.  He’s also launching Made in America, a new Travel Channel show that starts tomorrow (!) where he goes to see how stuff still made in America gets made. (Apparently he might help make that stuff too, if the still on the show’s homepage is any indication.) During The Matt & Rachel show our esteemed guest will be quizzed by his hosts on burgers, food in movies and making things, so be sure to listen to the Motz madness.

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