Marlowe & Sons Draws the Wild Card in the Porky Countdown to Cochon 555

The weekend after next will be a tough one for belt buckles here at Edible. Not only do we judge the third annual cassoulet contest to support the Greenmarket at Jimmy’s No. 43 on Saturday, but on Sunday we’re judging the hands-on heritage breed pork/wine extravaganza known as Cochon 555. Five chefs each get a whole animal, then compete to please the judges — those include Peter Kaminsky, Josh Ozersky, Pat LaFrieda, Tom Mylan and yours truly — and the crowd and be crowned the King of Porc. Plus, there’s pig butchery demos, wine pairings, a whole roasted pig post contest and the whole shebang is on the Hudson River. Yup, there are still tickets left. What’s cool (I mean, wine and food is almost always cool, but what we especially like) is that each chef gets a different breed — read about them all in the beautiful booklet Cochon555 prepares for the event — and we’ve got the round-up below. What’s even cooler is that there is still a wild card, given, appropriately, to the contender from Brooklyn.

1. Chef Bill Telepan, Telepan Restaurant:  Mangalitsa from Mosefund Farms

2. Chef Sean Rembold, Marlow & Sons: Animal TBD from Fleisher’s Grass-Fed & Organic Meats

3. Chef George Mendes, Aldea Restaurant: Old Spot from Flying Pigs Farm

4. Peter Hoffman, Savoy: Berkshire from Newman Farms Berkshire

5. Brad Farmerie, Public Restaurant: Red Wattle – Heritage Foods USA

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