Oh Edible Queens, You Tease, You

Via Edible Queens, Joe DiStefano will lead you to fantastic finds, such as this fiddlehead fern-studded spicy beef Korean stew, served, of course, at a spa.

A comment on our recent post about our search for Local Heroes (vote now!) wondered whether you couldn’t also tip your hat to the great food folks in Queens. The answer is of course yes, and in fact it reminded us to remind you that Edible Queens‘ own blogs are a fantastic read, the kind that inspire even the most dedicated Manhattan diner that they need to get on the 7 train every now and again. Alia Akkam’s blog — “The Q Nosh” — covers everything from new pour-over coffee bars to the Sunday gravy-making (that’s red sauce) of a Whitestone family. Meanwhile Joe DiStefano is a chowhounder par excellence for the borough, and his posts — appropriately titled “World’s Fare” — about Franco’s gooey Italian steak sandwiches and spicy yukgaejang, or Korean stews, always put us on the fence about our choice of community.

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