Oh Yeah. You Think You’re So Smart.

If anything, we got called on the carpet for our last Edible Pursuit, the food-centric trivia nights we host along with Edible Brooklyn, for making our questions too tough.

Well this time — our next takedown is Thursday night at Brooklyn Brewery, and it’ll be on wine, beer and booze, especially things related to the borough — we didn’t even write the queries ourselves, opting instead to get a group of experts to do the deed: Brooklyn Brewery’s crew for beer, The Red Hook Winery for grapes and St. John Frizell of Fort Defiance and the pages of this very magazine for spirits.

We’re going through their handiwork right now and we have to admit we’re pleased as Prohibition-era punch served in the fine real crystal bowls at Brooklyn’s Clover Club. Wait, was that a CLUE? Hmm, guess you’ll just have to play to find out.

It’s just $20, our prizes rule and you score a free Brooklyn Brewery beer and a Meat Hook-made bbq sandwich to boot. Get your tickets right here.

We hope to pack the joint (just a short walk from the Bedford Avenue L stop) with teams dedicated to the pursuit of food and beverage knowledge, because what better is there to pursue?

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