Oh Yoko! Ms. Ono Talks About Food in our Latest Issue

Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono
Yoko on chocolate, kimchi and why begging is a state of mind.

In the current Edible Manhattan — yes, our 14th issue is now out — Lese Dunton interviews the very smart and talented Yoko Ono, who just a few weeks back gave Michael Pollan the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace at a celebration in Iceland with a performance of the Plastic Ono Band. (Somewhat ironic, as Grub Street pointed out in September.) Ono talked about her life, how food has played a role in it, how she didn’t share John’s passion for chocolate until he passed away, how eating habits reflect on modern culture, and her post-travel pick-me-up: “When I come home from a long trip abroad, I drink orange juice with grated ginger and garlic mixed. That just revives you.” There’s also her thoughts on the current reclamation of homemaking for modern chicks. “Women of the ’60s made pickles, too, you know. Health food started then. We were feminists but we weren’t dumb.” And of course, what she eats for lunch. (“Kimchi is my favorite thing.”) Read the entire interview right here.

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