On Sept. 27, Sothebys Puts Heirloom Kale, Squash and Cabbage up for Auction at The Art of Farming

Not a normal night at Sotheby’s: At one point during last year’s Art of Farming, auctioneer Jamie Niven identified a bidder as “the man in the shirt and no jacket.”

By all accounts–including ours–last year’s first-ever live auction of Tri-state heirloom vegetables (and a few proteins) at the house of Sotheby’s was a smashing success. Farmers mingled with the city’s fabulous; local crops were put on the block; and the proceeds went to GrowNYC, which runs city Greenmarkets, school and community gardens, and education programs, and The Sylvia Center, a program that teaches kids to eat well through hands-on experiences at Katchkie Farm and in city schools.

The second annual is scheduled for Tuesday, September 27, and you can buy tickets to the event (or simply donate to the two programs) right here.

Beyond tubers, roots, leafy greens and a few cuts of locally raised and pastured meats, there may also be farm animals for sale, though unlike the produce they won’t be present.

As P. Allen Smith, a PBS television gardening personality who had several items at auction last year quipped: “We thought it would be too traumatic for them,” Smith said. “They have never been to a cocktail party before.”


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