Our Brooklyn Butchery How-To, In Photos

It was a carnivore’s dream on February 22nd at the Brooklyn Brewery when meat-eaters flocked (get  it?) to see the experts from Marlow & DaughtersFleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats and Brooklyn Cured demonstrate how to butcher at “How to Slice it,” the latest installment in our popular How to series.  Here’s a little wrap-up of what you missed (or want to relive) last week:

Brooklyn Cured started off the evening with a demonstration of stuffing sausages.  From seasoning to creating the perfect texture, Scott Bridi, Brooklyn Cured’s founder, gave a paired down demonstration of how to make some of the sausages the company has become famous for.  Samples are always a fun part of our How To’s and luckily for the audience, Brooklyn Cured provided nibbles of their sausages.

Next up, Jessica & Joshua Applestone of Fleisher’s.  Their demonstration required the participation of a audience member:  A brave soul was chosen to roughly model where the various cuts of a cow are located.  The prize for being “carved” in front of an audience? A beautiful top round cut from Fleisher’s to take home.  Joshua then gave a quick demonstration on how to properly tie a larger cut for roasting.  He stressed that this is an important step because it allows you to cook the meat more evenly.

Doug Morro & Andrew Dorsey from Marlow & Daughters‘ finished up the evening by showing the audience how to properly butcher a bird to be cooked in their signature Brick Chicken.  The butchered bird was separated off the chicken carcass leaving the leg and breast attached with only the drumstick bone remaining.  The meat was then able to lay flat in the pan.  When a heavy object, like a brick (or a cast iron pan), was placed on top it allows the skin to get extra crispy while evenly cooking the meat.

It wouldn’t be an evening at the Brooklyn Brewery without beer, and there was plenty of it.  Also on hand was the Food Freaks truck who served up three cheese, short rib and Fort Greene Sandwiches, along with some incredible sweet, fried brussels sprouts that made us remember eating vegetables could also be just as fun.

Be sure to stay tuned to our e-newsletter for details about our next How To! We will be focusing on pizza on March 21st with the help of Pizza a Casa Pizza School and Murray’s Cheese.  Tickets available here.

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