Our Editor Drove a Mercedes SLK Through the Hudson Valley with ABC Kitchen Chef Dan Kluger, and All We Got Were These Beautiful Pictures of Farms

All captions by Gabrielle Langholtz.

As we put the final touches on our fall issue–it’s about Edible-minded travel–there’s one piece in particular that we’re especially fond of. Our writers may eat their way through the Caribbean, Austria, Spain or South Africa, but it turns out the piece we’re really digging is on the trip closest to home. It’s by Gabrielle Langholtz–she’s our editor-in-chief–on tooling from Hudson Valley farm to Hudson Valley farm in a spiffy new Mercedes SLK, sharing the road with chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen, he in his own sleek new roadster too.

Together they visited the literal home turf of some of the best Union Square Greenmarket farmers, where Kluger shops four times a week. (We profiled his seasonally inspired skills in the kitchen, you might recall, in the current issue). They hit Paffenroth Gardens, which grows incredible vegetables and onions and other alliums; Windfall Farms, where farmer Morse Pitts grows some of the city’s most specialized greens; Lynnhaven Goat Dairy, which makes incredible cheeses and also sells goat meat; Tantillo Orchard, which produces tree fruit but also a crop of heirloom rye for Tuthilltown Distillery (don’t miss our profile of the lovely place) where Kluger and Langholtz got the run down on how local, small-batch liquors are made. Rest assured that only tiny sips were tasted, seeing as they had to get back on the road in their sweet Mercedes rides.

You’re no doubt scratching your head–wha? huh? And to find out why the pair got to live the automotive agricultural dream for a day you’ll just have to wait for publication of Gabrielle’s very funny story in a few weeks. But, we just had to show you the photos–they’re wittily captioned by her, to boot–if only so you’ll be inspired to visit the farms shown above yourself in the next few final weeks of summer. Should you be able to score your own Mercedes for the trip, all the better.

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