Our Most Popular Stories of 2015

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Port Morris Distillery has been at its location on East 133rd Street since 2011 — it’s a lonely industrial neighborhood, but not that lonely: The Tirado Distillery and Bronx Brewery are nearby. Photo credit: Scott Gordon Bleicher

We have our favorite posts of 2015, and looking at the numbers, these are yours.

It was a big year for free apps, Puerto Rican food and ladies in the booze industry. Cocktails are ever-popular while escapes from Manhattan, if only to New Jersey and the Bronx, had you hooked. Local edible fungi top the charts though — just keep in mind that foraging in parks is technically illegal.

Have a favorite story that didn’t make the cut? Got a story idea that you’d like us to explore in 2016? Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting to us. We’ll see you in the new year!

1. “A Field Guide to New York City’s Edible Mushrooms” by Tove Danovich

Enoki mushrooms grow year-round in clumps at the bottom of tree stumps. Illustration by Rebecca Clarke

Edible mushrooms can be found just about anywhere, including New York City. We consulted an expert to learn more.

2. “The Feminine Mixtique: 8 Women Driving the City’s Cocktail Culture” by Amy Zavatto

Jillian Vose of The Dead Rabbit. Photo credit: Facebook/Dead Rabbit NYC

Today, New York’s bar scene has finally turned the tide where being a woman in the industry is no novelty.

3. “A Former Gourmet Editor Has Built a Farm-Based Cooking School” by Regina Schrambling

Ian Knauer says his inspiration is the agriturismo tradition in Italy, or Ballymaloe Farm in Ireland: real food for real people who want cows in the pasture and chickens in the pen. Photo credit: Scott Gordon Bleicher

The school opened last summer at Tullamore Farms, a working 210-acre spread along the Delaware River with red barns and silos, a henhouse and chickens.

4. “The Pope of Gramercy Tavern” by Amy Zavatto

Pope remains part of the well-oiled hum that is Gramercy Tavern — until, that is, it’s her turn to talk and all eyes and ears perk to attention. Photo credit: Matt Furman

After eighteen years, wine maven Juliette Pope is still just a proverbial kid in a candy store.

5. “Puerto Rican Cuisine Is More Than Just Rice and Beans” by Claire Brown

La Jaquita Baya
Xavier Pacheco is the chef and owner of La Jaquita Baya. Photo credit: Facebook/La Jaquita Baya

We caught up with chef Xavier Pacheco to learn more about Puerto Rican cuisine and his upcoming collaboration with Navy’s Camille Becerra.

6. “Vintage Cocktail Books Make for Intoxicating Research” by Elizabeth G. Dunn

Inside a windowless room on the fifth floor of an ordinary office building in the Flatiron District sits what is quite possibly the world’s largest collection of vintage cocktail books. Photo credit: Scott Gordon Bleicher

Libation librarian Greg Boehm has amassed an astounding array of books on booze in a Flatiron storage space frequented by Manhattan’s bartending cognoscenti.

7. “Puerto Rican Moonshine, Pitorro, Finds a Home in the Bronx” by Robert Simonson

The product is pitorro, a form of moonshine that is widespread in Puerto Rico but little known outside that island commonwealth. Photo credit: Scott Gordon Bleicher

Puerto Rico’s native hooch burns bright in the Bronx.

8. “8 Free Food Apps Changing the Way We Eat” by Ruth Temianka

Some key themes emerge: a drive for greater transparency into what we eat and buy, more responsible attitudes towards the environment and one-stop ways to order or book to eat meals. Photo courtesy of Munchery.

We’re exploring some of the latest free food-related apps and how they might transform how we shop for, cook, eat and relate to food.

9. “This Hospital’s Rooftop Garden Embodies a Growing Shift Within Medical Care” by Rachel Nuwer

hospital rooftop garden
At Lenox Hill Hospital in the Upper East Side, however, a flourishing green oasis mixes things up in that center of sickness and healing. Photo credit: Joe Martinez

One of the hospital’s roofs now hosts a garden complete with rocking chairs, picnic tables and large planters overflowing with edible plants and more.

10. “What We Hope to See in Food and Drink in 2015” by Ariel Lauren Wilson


Cooking more, implementing appropriate technology and promoting “food hubs” are only a few of our 33 hopes for food and drink in 2015.

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