Our New Year’s Resolution – Avoiding the Mediocre Meal

Eat more local goods, exhibit A.

1. Cook — and eat — even more local food. For starters, now is the time to start looking for space with your closest CSA, or even start one, if need be. Plus, plenty have winter shares packed with roots and tubers andprocessed goods from pickles to crackers to pork pate to granola. And don’t forget the year-round Greenmarkets, as well as the Brooklyn Flea, New Amsterdam Market and any other place selling handcrafted goods made by an ever-growing number of crafty city folk with DIY aspirations and the proper city food handler’s permits.

2. Explore the culinary wonders of this fine city even more than before. See the New York City subway system, with help from Googlemaps, Chowhound.com, the Village Voice, Grub Street, and yes, Edible Queens.

3. Avoid mediocrity in every meal. Life’s too short for bad take-out, especially when you live in this town. See above. (And also our restaurant guide. And our events, for that matter.)

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