Plant Heritage Seeds and Save Foods in Danger of Extinction

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Industrialized agriculture threatens to force countless varieties of fruits and vegetables into extinction by shrinking the vast variety of crops once planted in this country down to a few aesthetically pleasing items that keep well on supermarket shelves (think perfectly shaped, yet bizarrely mushy Red Delicious apples).  To fight this squeezing out of all the beautiful, unique foods once enjoyed year round in our nation, Slow Food USA created the Ark of Taste, a catalog of over 200 delicious foods in danger of being wiped out forever.

From the thick, sweet and moist Amish Pie Squash to crunchy, hot and bold Fish Peppers or wine-like Laroda Plums, the catalog features a plethora of foods that make seasons something to get excited about.  By planting these seeds (and enjoying the bounty that follows), you can preserve a bit of culinary history for future generations.  Check out the Ark of Taste to find out where to get seeds or starters and get that window planter going.

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