Quality, Freshness and Sustainability: It’s What’s for Dinner



If you look around Manhattan — on any white tablecloth restaurant’s menu, across a barista’s counter and in the narrow kitchens of food trucks lining the avenues — you’ll find the freshest, most artisanal ingredients available. Chefs know this is what their customers demand, and they are going out of their way to find quality products.

“This is where Sysco comes in and is working shoulder to shoulder with metro New York area chefs,” says chef Michael Salvatore, director of culinary resources at the venerated food supplier. “Now more than ever, Sysco delivers new, on-trend and unique products from an ever-expanding selection.”

Sysco works to make delivery of those goods flexible while ensuring provenance, sustainability and safety. “Specifically, the company will obtain its top 10 Sysco brand wild-caught seafood species — tuna, clams, cod, pollack, shrimp, scallops, salmon, calamari, lobster and crab — from fisheries that are either certified, under assessment by the Marine Stewardship Council or involved in fishery improvement projects with WWF by 2015,” says Charley Wilson, vice president of corporate communications.

Chef Salvatore proudly adds, “Additionally, all produce comes from farmers who take environmental protections seriously with the aid of on-site technicians from Sysco. We protect the labors of the farmers and deliver them safely to our customers for their guest’s delight.”

“This promise extends all the way down to our trucks,” says Salvatore. “The company has redesigned its fleet using efficient refrigerated trailers, alternative fuels and automatic engine shutoff — no more idling!”

Quality, freshness and sustainability: it’s what diners want, chefs insist on and what Sysco delivers.

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