Read Our Annual Eat-Drink-Local Issue Free on Any Screen, Anywhere

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The latest Edible Manhattan is ripe for the picking! Our annual Eat-Drink-Local issue is a terroir-driven testament to fresh ideas, including:

a woman who morphed from celebrity journalist into compost guru


the offal-good yakiniku stylings of chef Takashi Inoue, who likes his meat “rare” in more ways than one


what happens when a public high school arms its students with knives—and cutting boards


an upstate wine mind who champions little-known bottles in the big city


why Chef Zak Pelaccio traded our city for a 40-mile menu in the Hudson Valley


how Cookshop made Chelsea a destination before the High Line was born


We got our hands delightfully dirty making this issue—and hope you’ll have just as much fun digging in. Read it free on any screen, anywhere (find out how here). To paraphrase Dorothy: The next time you find yourself seeking your heart’s desire, look no further than your own backyard.

We did. And boy, did we find a bumper crop.

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