What We’re Reading: May 3, 2014

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This week, our editors are doing what comes naturally—whether it’s getting off the treadmill for a bagel or reveling in the digestive process. Happy reading!

Food Maps by Kiwi and Eagle — Vimeo (above)
One New Zealander and one American team up to make stunning maps out of the foods iconic to each nation—so France is transformed into a field of bread and cheese, New Zealand’s kiwi culture is embodied with the fruit and the old U.S. of A. becomes 50 states of corn.

Marissa FinnBagels, Lox and MeNY Times
Nothing makes me happier than seeing Mark Bittman skip a morning run for a bagel, lox and schmear. Though I’m generally a VB6 follower, as I read this story on the treadmill on Tuesday, I decided it was time to hit the emergency stop button so I could go home and heat up some of Grandma’s frozen chicken soup leftovers for lunch.

Caroline Lange: Got Gas? It Could Mean You’ve Got Healthy Gut Microbes — NPR
My obsession with the gut microbiome continues. It is amazing! And now there’s evidence that suggests that gas—”up to 18 flatulences per day”—is totally normal and may indicate a strong and healthy population of microbes, not to mention reducing bloating and proper digestion.

Feature photo: Flickr/Jessica Spengler

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