Red Delicious? Nope, We’re Thinking Newtown Pippin, Nodhead, Red Horse & Other Forgotten Heirlooms

One way to celebrate apple diversity: An apple tasting held by Slow Food Blue Ridge.

We all know New York State is the master of apples — more varieties are produced here (and were born here, up in Geneva, in fact) than anywhere else. But did you know the majority of apple-buyers only know the joys of Red Delicious, McIntosh and Granny Smith? Yep, some people go their whole lives without a taste of the other 40-plus varieties available. Like the equally tart and sweet, easily bake-able Cortlands, or the Macoun, a favorite of Mario Batali. Or one of the newest, the sought-after Honeycrisp. In fact, some heirlooms are so neglected, they’re on the verge of extinction. This includes the Dula Beauty, Red Horse, Nodhead, Lady Sweet, Gloria Mundi and the Newtown Pippin, notes Slow Food USA. So as we near the end of apple season, seek out some of these rarities and get preserving.

And while we’re on the subject, we have to give a shout-out to the amazing folks at the Ross Global Academy, who just launched an annual celebration called Apple Crunch, where RGA elementary students literally take a big bite out of their city’s most abundant food, not to mention, one of the healthiest. Check the festive video, below.

Apple Crunch at Ross Global Academy from Ross Institute on Vimeo.

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