Rooftop Camping: The Next Frontier in Outdoor Adventuring

In the olden (pre-A/C) days, it was common to slumber on fire escapes and rooftops–how else to catch cool breezes on sultry summer nights? Sneaking to the city’s skyline for some shut-eye is no longer necessary, but it’s definitely fun, not to mention a great way to catch some fresh air and stargaze without trekking to that wilderness commonly referred to as “upstate.”

And with vegetable patches, honeybees, chicken coops and charcoal grills increasingly colonizing urban rooftops, these high-flying Gardens of Eden have already got the fixings for an outdoor getaway. But before rustling up your pup tent and marshmallow skewers, be prepared to abide by NYC fire code: All grills must be located at least 10 feet from any combustible surface, material, or building and water should be on hand to douse errant flames.

Who needs upstate? We’re heading upstairs!

Editor’s Note: To find out more about camping (rooftop or otherwise), inventive open-fire recipes, and playful plots for nighttime revelry, check out Sarah Huck and Jaimee Young’s new book Campfire Cookery.

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