Offering Meal Kits and More, Saffron Fix Wants to Be Your 1-Stop Indian Ingredient Source

Quinoa bowl with veggies and yogurt sauce. Photo courtesy of Saffron Fix

Editor’s note: We kicked off our first annual Food Loves Tech event last summer in Chelsea—here’s a recap. We’re bringing a taste of the food and farming future back this year, but just across the East River at Industry City. Leading up to the event, this story is part of an ongoing series about technology’s effects on our food supply.

It’s happened to all of us: We’re out at a restaurant, eating a delicious meal and think I want to be able to do make this at home. Sometimes it’s easy, other times there’s just no way you’d ever attempt it and then there are those meals when you wouldn’t even know where to buy the ingredients.

“When I was in business school my friends would ask me if I could cook something for them, they’d go to different restaurants try different recipes and say we love eating this, teach us how to make this I just never where to buy paneer or other ingredients,” Ankita Sharma, a native of Northern India said.

Each box from Saffron Fix comes with washed, chopped and prepped ingredients. Photo courtesy of Saffron Fix

That dilemma led her and Madhuri Sharama (no relation) to found Saffron Fix, a NYC-based startup that wants to bring delicious Indian food into New York kitchens and beyond.

Every two weeks, Saffron Fix delivers a box to customers with either two or three recipes and enough prepped-ingredients to serve two people per recipe. Boxes start at $49.95 and can be purchased by subscription or one at a time.

Masala Burger. Photo courtesy of Saffron Fix

The menu is divided into recipes you’d see in Indian restaurants, regional recipes that you may never have heard of such as Kerala fish, a type of fish curry from Kerala, India and also fusion recipes such as Indian inspired tacos, mac and cheese and burgers.

“We want to give people the flavors they are craving and expand their view on what Indian cuisine is,” Madhuri said.

The recipes are either family recipes or ones Madhuri and Ankita created.

In a crowded meal kit industry the two are quick to point out that their startup is more than a delivery service. They’re launching bazaar this month and e-commerce store where people across the country can purchase the ingredients that make up the kits.

“We’re trying to be this one-stop shop for all things Indian cuisine, much like an Amazon of Indian food, we want to have fresh produce and other products, lentils, spices, basmati rice. We want to become that brand that is your go to for Indian food products.” Ankita said.