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One of our favorite components of Eat Drink Local week is the afternoon of panel discussions — on the locavore revolution and whether it’s actually working, on the DIY movement and what it means, on drinks trends, and on authentic eats and what that means — we’re hosting next Monday at the New School. It’s called The Edible Institute, and it’s a meet-up of some of the sharpest minds in the New York City Food world: Think Ed Levine, Robert Sietsema, Lou Di Palo, Tom Mylan, Dorothy Hamilton, Garrett Oliver and Ariane Daguin.

The best part is this Ivy League education can be had at public school prices: $15 for each panel or ALL FOUR for just $20. Like the very magazine these discussions embody, that’s a steal.

But, wait! There’s more.

The first four folks who sign up for a panel at or 212.229.5488 win tickets to Pig Island on Saturday October 2nd. (Send us your email receipt of payment at with Pig Island in the subject line.) That’s 20 local chefs cooking locally and sustainably sourced pork on Governor’s Island, plus craft beers. It’s the master fall meat event put together by our friend Jimmy Carbone, whom we profiled last week. In fact, you could almost think of it as the raging yang to the brainy yin of our panels. The perfect combo! So sign up for the Institute to score both.

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