The Best Beet Cocktail, with Inspiration from “The Office”

Beautiful beets: Drink em up!

Snowstorm willing, tomorrow’s Saturday greenmarkets will be back in action, after their New Year’s break last week. Farmers may have far less fare than they did a few short months ago, but for sure they’ll have beets. For an ode to their rooty beauty — and directions on a killer cocktail made with their sweet, earthy flavors, vodka and a little Tennessee whiskey and Punt y Mes — check this new piece in the brand-new January-February issue of Edible, now being delivered to restaurants, markets, Whole Foods and other bookshops around the city. It’s written (with inspiration from beet-farmer Doug Schrute of NBC’s The Office) by Michael Cecconi, who managed the bar at locavore temple Savoy for five beet-friendly winters.

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