The New Yorker Stole Our Cheese!

With help from the LES Tenement Museum, Burson set aside the 117-year-old cheese in a bell jar rather than tin-foil, though she told the New Yorker she was "conflicted" about its shiny new home.

We’ve been meaning to give a shout out to the New Yorker’s piece on Clare Burson’s 117-year-old cheese all week. Not only did we scoop the fine mag — go us! — covering Clare’s caseus story in our last issue, we did them one better: We have an actual photo of the cheese, right here. In fact we saw it up close and in person at a dinner Burson hosted with historical gastronomist Sarah Lohman.

Burson is a singer-songwriter who created an entire album called Silver and Ash of folksongs about her family’s history, which includes that cheese, passed down over several generations. At the dinner, Burson sang, Lohman cooked several courses based on Burson’s family stories and songs, and the cheese looked on the whole time. We think it was happy. We know we were. You can of course get the whole story (we know it sounds complicated) right here.

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