The Shake Shack, Downtown Brooklyn

From pies to fries. The newest Shack? We'll find out today. Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell for The Brooklyn Paper

We were talking up what a wise man Danny Meyer is yesterday morning, but we forgot to mention yet another important thing, and that’s the announcement at 12:30 on the steps of Borough Hall in Brooklyn that the Shake Shack is headed to a spot nearby on the Fulton Mall. If the reports in yesterday’s The Brooklyn Paper were accurate, it could be very nearby: Just steps away to the awesome corner spot that has been Tony’s Pizzeria for 20 years. It’s always sad when new construction moves long-standing local businessfolk — and The Brooklyn Paper quotes Tony’s owner Sal Casaccio as bemoaning the lost of his especially sweet spot (“This location was like dating Pam Anderson. How can you replace Pam Anderson?”) but we, along with anyone else who lives, visits or works in Brooklyn and consumes burgers and fries, have to admit we are pretty damn excited no matter the location. And Sal, reports say, already has secured a new spot down the mall where he’ll soon be moving. It’s just the start of big food news to come, we imagine, as the Fulton Mall renovation project really ramps up.

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