The New Yorker Buys Brooklyn

travisAre You Hip Enough to Buy This Brooklyn-Made Wheelhouse Pickle?  The New Yorker Wants to Know. Photo courtesy Wheelhouse Pickles.

Because our brethren over at Edible Brooklyn aren’t blogging — yet! — we’d thought we’d mention the big play the borough just received in the most recent issue of The New Yorker, courtesy the shopping column by Patricia Marx.

She explores the antique stores, boutiques and other shops of Kings County, and declares that “if Brooklyn were a country, its chief exports would include artisanal pickles, eco-friendly yoga wear, Red Hook Saipua soap, and books written by men named Jonathan.”

She’s referring, of course, to Lethem, Safran Foer and to the sour barrel cucumbers sold citywide and created by Wheelhouse.  A company run, funnily enough, by another Jonathan, and written up by Edible Brooklyn ages ago. As Marx notes, “in Brooklyn, material goods matter, but other things matter more.” Like pickles.

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