There’s Still Time to Sign Up for A Winter CSA of Frozen Local Produce

Eating local in New York 12 months a year used to be challenge. It took planning and hard work–canning, drying and making jam, or else you’d end up eating stored root vegetables all winter. But now, thanks to pioneering upstate farmers, we city dwellers can eat Hudson Valley produce–without suffering one bit!–all winter long. The trick? Winter CSAs of frozen local produce.

It’s a win-win: farmers take their excess harvests in the peak of the growing season, process them and freeze them in handy dandy little air-tight bags. Then these precious pods are delivered to CSAs around the city for all the produce-starved locavores who’ve signed up for a share. Not only can you bake a blueberry pie and pretend it’s June, but you can add a kick of something other than rutabaga to your next winter soup or stirfry. Want more info? Check out our story on this latest eating-local trend here in Edible Manhattan.

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