They Ate, They Played and It Was All So Local

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This year’s Eat Drink Local Week may have come and gone, but the habits that kids at our Eat Play Local Day event at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan picked up will stay with them long after they outgrow their overalls and tricycles.

On June 27th, kids of all ages rolled up for a few hours of eating and playing locally.  We smiled at the green mustaches they got from devouring Get Your Greens On! smoothies from Whole Foods Market and white mustaches from Organic Valley milk (accompanied by cookies, naturally).

As temperatures soared outside, kids cooled down with The Kelly and The Doctor–ice pops from Brewla Bars made with mango and green tea or craft-brewed root beer.  Their parents, meanwhile, went crazy for Hops Pops, made with–you guessed it–hops (a Featured Ingredient of this year’s Eat Drink Local Week).

After coloring and learning about the benefits of eating fruits and veggies with an I Love My Fruits & Vegetables Activity, the kids got to play with their food, making Mixed Up Sandwiches with Cricket Azima and the team at The Creative Kitchen.

With our friends at Meatless Monday kids took photos with their favorite (cut-out) farm animals, while the adults learned the environmental and health benefits of cutting out meat one day a week.

It was a great way for the kids to kick-off summer vacation and, more importantly, a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  Thank you to all of our vendors!


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