Tipple Sheet–The Owners of Park Avenue Liquor Shop Tell Us What to Drink on Thursday

Park Avenue Liquors: Eric Goldstein, his father Michael, partner Scott Abramson, and brother Jonathan.

Editor’s Note: We asked Eric and Jonathan Goldstein, who run the Park Avenue Liquor Shop with their father, to write up their favorite Thanksgiving wines for Edible readers. Their (often hilarious) picks are below. If what you read sounds delicious–we dig especially the post-meal cranberry liqueur–note that they deliver all over Manhattan (here it’s free on orders of $50 or more below 110th Street) and into the boroughs–often dropping off the goods the very same day. Though not this Thursday, natch. Of course even if you do opt for store-to-door service, we recommend a visit to the store at some point just to browse their selection of fantastic beverages: It’s Park Avenue Liquor Shop: 242 Madison Avenue at 41st Street; 212.685.2442. And be sure to read Robert Simonson’s full profile from last year’s winter issue.


While the bird is in the oven and everyone is waiting for the skin to get crisp and the meat to stay at optimal juiciness, why not get your juices flowing with something sparkling. A fun example would be “The Chook” ($20) Sparkling Shiraz (Australia). With a rooster on the label, the bird-theme gets going. This full-bodied, intense colored and fruit forward sparkler serves as an unconventional warm-up for your palate before you stuff yourself.

Alternatives: Staying blushed–a nice pre-bird sparkler is Simmonet-Fevre’s Sparkling Rose. A sparkler from Burgundy, it’s a “Brut” but it isn’t overly dry. It has a lot more flavor than many rose Champagnes that you’d pay much more for.


Red: Our personal choice would be Meiomi (May-OH-mee) Pinot Noir ($30) by Belle Glos. Meiomi means “coast” in the California Wappo tribe (grapes are sourced from three different CA coasts to make the wine). I love this wine for Thanksgiving because although it’s a Pinot Noir, it still has the muscles to stand-up to all the different side dishes. The wine has just the right amount of spice and berry fruit characteristics–creating a texture that is as heavenly as the toasted marshmallow on your sweet-potato pie.

Alternatives: The newly released Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau ($8.99). Light and fruity enough to compliment a succulent bird.

If you’d like to do something heavier, go with Kenwood’s Jack London Cabernet ($27) Dark red fruit aromas combined with notes of mint and cigar box abound in this full-bodied beast.

WhiteMany people like to recommend Riesling for Turkey Day for good reason. It’s a crisp, acidic wine that refreshes the palate with fresh, light fruit flavors that can cut through the food. Some favorites include: Willm’s (Alsace) Riesling ($14) & JJ Prum’s (German) Graacher Himmelreich Spatlese ($45).

Others want something a little more buttery to enjoy with their Butterball–for those I say pop open some La Crema Chardonnay ($22) or for a little more, definitely get Rombauer ($36).

No offense to the lovely people over at Ocean Spray, but the Clear Creek Distillery in Oregon has a Cranberry Liqueur that is equal parts tart and sweet ($32). This is intense stuff that will reward your mouth for the work-out it just endured. Enjoy it over some ice, or if your tastebuds are still awake – drizzle over a chocolaty dessert.

Or if you’d rather pay homage to the giant bird that just fed you and your family, pour yourself a glass of American Honey by…Wild Turkey ($27). Like the cranberry liqueur,  this honey-whiskey is much like a dessert that you sip. It pairs well with football on TV.

All of the above available at Park Avenue Liquor Shop: 242 Madison Avenue at 41st Street; 212.685.2442. 


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