Trivia Nite Countdown; 3 More Days Left to Listen to Your Copy of “Green Onions”

And we've always though the broccoli side of our brain was on the right!

This Thursday night is likely to be our best trivia night yet, and not just because we got a ringer to write the questions. No, it’s cause it’s all about foodie-centric tunes – of songs related to music, food items called out in famous songs, the names of bands like Booker T & the MG’s that wrote famous food-related songs, odd music-food related trivia (such as rock stars with family food businesses or food/drink products) or even lyrics. To get you in the mood — and to provide you with a little support — we’d like to share one of our favorite sites, our friend Matt Bua’s links to dozens of fantastic MP3s of old food songs.

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