Two Masters of Yeast Make Lunch (aka Co. Pizza & Sixpoint Beer Pairing Tomorrow)


If you’ve spent anytime futzing around with the little unicellular fungi known as yeast, then you know that things don’t always go as planned. (As brewman Garrett Oliver likes to say, “you don’t know whether you control it or it controls you.”) So it’s pretty impressive when folks can get their bread to rise and their beer to ferment, much less that they can coax those two items to taste stupendously amazing.

Those folks would include Jim Lahey, of Co. on Ninth Avenue at 24th Street, and Shane Welch, the brewmaster of Sixpoint Craft Ales in Red Hook Brooklyn. Who had the brilliant idea to host a pairing lunch last year. The second annual is tomorrow from 12  to 4 p.m.; $40 today, $45 at the door. (That includes your tip! Reservations here.) Late notice, yes, but worth breaking plans for, especially when you read the descriptions of your five-item, buffet-style pairing choices:

One: Bibb salad with squash and with Pumpkin Brewster (think ginger honey). Two: Charcuterie Pie (knockwurst, sauerkraut) with Sehr Crisp Pilsner, Sixpoint’s new German-style pils. Three: Mushroom and jalapeno pie with the rarely seen “Sweet Re-Action” Belgian golden ale. Four: Ham and cheese pie with Righteous Rye, meant to pair with the prosciutto and caraway seeds, but also nicely rhymey. Five: Margherita with Brownstone. (aka The Classic.)

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