VIDEO: 5 Ingredients You Should Be Cooking With

Editor’s note: This restaurant is now closed.

There are the typical items that everyone knows they should have in their kitchen: salt or sugar or perhaps even some lemons. But have you considered heirloom baboon lemons or seaweed?

We caught up with Ryan Tate of the Michelin starred Le Restaurant and All Good Things to get his take on what ingredients he thinks home cooks should be experimenting with in their own kitchens.

So why baboon lemons? According to Tate, their flavor is superior to typical grocery store lemons. He also suggests taking seaweed — “the new kale,” according to Tate — out of its typical Japanese food comfort zone and using it across a variety of dishes. He even has some thoughts on what the best hot sauce is (hint: like many of the finer foods out there these days, it’s made by a small batch producer in Brooklyn).

Learn more about all five of Tate’s recommended ingredients by watching the video.

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