VIDEO: Learning How to Taste Coffee Like Wine with Counter Culture Coffee


New Yorkers don’t need any convincing that their coffee is complex; the growing variety of coffee purveyors indicates that consumers are gaining more and more appreciation for this staple beverage. But is it as elaborate as wine?

Apparently so. Erin Meister of Counter Culture Coffee says that, “actually coffee is one of the most complex things that people consume. There have been thousands of aromatic compounds isolated in coffee, many more than even red wine has.”

What does that mean for your daily dose? If you’re already choosing your coffees selectively, it means that you can also gain some perspective by comparatively smelling and tasting your coffees to really learn what you like most.

Watch the video above to learn how to properly smell — and slurp! — your coffee. You can read more about Counter Culture Coffee in our innovations issue.

Feature photo credit: John Taggart

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