VIDEO: One Kitchen, Hundreds of Loaves

If you were lucky enough to attend the Food Film Fest last month (or, like me, lucky enough to judge it), you savored screens uni harvests, Baltimore’s brew scene, the Sriracha phenomenon, a food-porn short aptly named “Balls” (as in arancini) and a seriously touching pizza short called Slice Discrimination.

But one breath-taking food film you didn’t see there is this one: a home video of Artie, father of the Fest’s executive producer Seth Unger, baking hundreds of loaves of pumpkin bread in his home kitchen.

As we explained in our upcoming holiday issue, when Seth was growing up in Miami he knew it was December when the living room became a mountain range of baking supplies — which meant his dad and grandma were prepping to bake several hundred pumpkin loaves to give to the mailman, the mayor, and everyone in between.

Seth decamped to New York and he and his now-wife Alli carry on the tradition — albeit with mini loaf pans, to fit their Brooklyn Heights kitchen. But his dad’s operation is where it all began, and will put your gingerbread baking to shame.

Betsy Bradley

Elizabeth L. Bradley writes about New York City history and culture. She hopes to find Tiffany blue dragees in her Christmas stocking this year.

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