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No shocker here: we at Edible realize that sometimes visual storytelling can be just as impactful as the written word. Hence why we do our best to deliver top notch photos and video to capture the full story.

We could not bring you these compelling images without the hard work of our talented photo editors, who are Vicky Wasik of Edible Brooklyn, Doug Young of Edible Long Island, Lindsay Morris of Edible East End and Scott Gordon Bleicher of Edible Manhattan. If you like what you see in our issues, whether online or in print, then you know who to thank.

We’re putting their photos first in our upcoming holiday issue (which will be a honkin’ combination of stories from all four of these territories) and would like your feedback as to which of the above photos you’d like to learn more about in our “Aftertaste” section. Whether from Montauk or Manhattan, which of the photos in the gallery makes you curious about the back story?

What’s Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø mulling over as he tastes Evil Twin’s latest beer? Whose challah is that? What’s that chef plating in the kitchen? Just what exactly is going on with that pig’s foot?

Vote below for your preferred image above and we’ll run the people’s choice in print along with a detailed back story of that particular photo. Starting with the photo of Jarnit-Bjergsø tasting a beer and scrolling to the right, here’s a little more about the photo candidates:

  1. Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø at Tørst by Vicky Wasik: This is a shot of Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing at his Greenpoint bar Tørst. Vicky asked him to pour a beer to have in the shot and he chose a brew called “Even Less Jesus,” one of Evil Twin’s latest creations. It was the first time he was trying the final product.
  2. Long Island Bar by Vicky Wasik: Pictured here is Buddy Sullivan, the original owner of The Long Island Bar & Restaurant. The photo sits atop the original wood bar refinished by Toby Cecchini, who says he uncovered these cigarette burn marks below layers and layers of paint.
  3. Benner’s Farm by Doug Young: During a snowy day visit to Benner’s Farm in East Setauket, Doug received an imprompto lesson in tree sap tapping from Dave Benner. This is the first step in making local maple syrup.
  4. Brewology by Doug Young: Popping into the kitchen, Doug was lucky to catch executive chef Lia Fallon in action at Brewology, a gastropub in Speonk.
  5. Challah by Lindsay Morris: Harry Ludlow, a self-proclaimed Christian, taught himself to make challah, excellent challah. In fact, his version is so popular he not only sold out over the Jewish New Year to the locals, but filled a NYC bound delivery truck. Lindsay shot these pristine loaves, intrigued by an unlikely backdrop of colorful, curling wires.
  6. David Rosengarten’s tomatoes by Lindsay Morris: When in doubt, look to the floor. You never know what kind of gorgeous and complementary textures await you down there!
  7. Whole hog at Raven & Boar by Ashley Sears (assigned by Scott Gordon Bleicher)
  8. Linzer Torte by Sharon Radisch (assigned by Scott Gordon Bleicher)

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