Want a Career Change? Apply for Columbia’s MA Program in Health and Science Journalism by January 15

Columbia U’s Low Memorial Library: Your potential new home?

This is generally the time of year for daydreaming about self-improvement, career changes and The Future. That’s why we wanted to pass along a note we received from Columbia Journalism School about their nine-month Robert Wood Johnson Foundation MA Program in Health and Science Journalism. It’s for those who want to focus on science, health, or environmental reporting, either experienced journalists in other fields or those who already cover science. (We can think of plenty of ways those topics intersect with our own particular passions, for sure.)

You don’t need the GRE to apply, but the deadline for fall 2012 is January 15, 2012; so if you’re interested in started next year, get cracking! There’s scholarship money available as well. For more information, check out this link: http://www.journalism.columbia.edu/maprogram.



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