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We all have our cool weather sips of choice. Some go the #PSL route, others maintain a juicing regimen and some of us stick with our hot cider. To each their own — here’s what our editors are drinking:

Caroline Lange: Chai
As the weather cools, I’ve been craving chai, milky and spicy and as comfortable as pajamas. My favorite Indian food place, Doaba Deli in Manhattan, makes an incredible one that comes in blue paper WE’RE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU cups at the end of the $7 vegetarian special. Doaba makes theirs from scratch — no chai concentrate to be found here, but instead, fresh ginger and cardamom and black pepper.

Lauren WilsonMombucha
I guess there’s nothing particularly autumnal about my choice, but I am a sucker for unfiltered ‘buch. Brooklyn-made Mombucha brews interesting flavors like ginger mint and thé vert with some local ingredients (fresh mint from New York Botanical Gardens and maple syrup from Mill Hollow Maple to name a couple). Mombucha is actually a kombucha concentrate that they suggest that you dilute since the raw product might have a pretty potent taste to some. Whatever your preference, I recommend you try it with cheese. It can make just as interesting and delicious of a match as wine, cider or beer.

Gabrielle Langholtz
After attending the Breville juicing summit last month, I dusted off my machine and have been daily attempting to recreate the amazing elixirs the City Bakery crew whirred up that day. I haven’t nailed it, but I’ve had fun experimenting, and it’s a lot cheaper than my (wonderful) Blueprint experience. My favorite October ingredient to drink was tomatillo — which, in juice form, works a little like locavore lemon. Other CSA bounty is delicious liquefied, from fall’s succulent spinach to the last cilantro before frost. Today for lunch I threw in some leftover collard stems, a few carrots, a quartered Macoun apple and a spicy slice of that fresh, pink ginger. Who needs teeth?

Betsy Davidson: Warm soy latte
Nothing feels better than holding a warm soy latte in my hands. My favorites lately are from a new place in Huntington, Southdown Coffee. Apparently, it is difficult to make a heart with soy milk, but they try anyway…and it warms my heart, as well as my hands.

Eleonore Buschinger: Warm apple cider
Apple cider is my favorite thing about fall. When I have to spend a long day at the NYU libray in Washington Square, I always like to head to the Union Square Greenmarket and treat myself with a cup of apple cider. It makes my library day a 1000 times more exciting and the fall semester much more appealing than the spring semester.

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