How to Use a Solar Cooker

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In the current issue, we meet two New Yorkers who are spreading the solar-cooker gospel, encouraging others to harvest the bountiful, emissions-free power of the sun to cook. Here are a few links that will get you ready to cook without gas:

Already have an oven, and eager to start cooking? Many recipes can feel a little post-apocalyptic, calling for canned or powdered ingredients, but unless you’re stocking your bomb shelter, the hands-down best cookbook is Cooking with Sunshine by Lorraine Anderson and Rick Palcovic, which calls for fresh ingredients you already love to cook with, sans stove. For online recipes, The Solar Oven Society provides recipes for dishes such as shortcake to baked venison; Sun Oven has vegan split pea soup and solar ribs; and Cook With the Sun offers solar spaghetti sauce, beer bread, cheesecake and more.

Want to get involved in solar demonstrations and outreach, whether in North America or in Sub-Saharan Africa? Then Solar Cookers International wants to hear from you!

Photo credit: Facebook / Solar Cookers International

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