Where We’re Going Out: December 7, 2015

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maiden lane
This East Village destination has one of the most interesting menus in the city, a very well-curated program of imported fish-in-a-can. Photo courtesy of Maiden Lane.

A new day, a new place to check out in this city. From bonito-flaked pork belly in Bushwick, to over 150 beer bottles, cans and growlers at one spot in Crown Heights, here are a handful of our editors’ new favorites.

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Maiden Lane

162 Ave. B
On most nights, Maiden Lane is packed with revelers and drinkers cozied up to the bar. But to really get the whole experience you need to order some fish — tinned fish, to be specific. This East Village destination has one of the most interesting menus in the city, a very well-curated program of imported fish-in-a-can (and attendant beer and wine pairings) that has many of the borough’s chefs stopping by at the end of their shifts. —Jesse Hirsch


730 Classon Ave., Brooklyn
I gravitate toward bars where I don’t have to compete for breathing room. I’m even more partial to backyards and board games (there’s a positive correlation between my beer consumption and enjoyment of Jenga). Covenhoven, where dog bowls flank the entrance, has it all. Situated on the border of Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, the bar is well known in the neighborhoods but can easily accommodate on most evenings. Good thing, too, because they have one of the best booze selections around with over a dozen beers on tap and nearly 150 different bottles, cans and growlers. —Ariel Lauren Wilson

The Eddy

342 E. 6th St., NYC
This cozy East Village spot will draw you in with their dazzling repertoire of original handcrafted cocktails — such as the Bedrock Fizz, Strange Visitors and Dial#6 for Gavin — all served in equally charming and idiosyncratic glassware. But don’t let the drinks distract you from trying out chef Brendan McHale’s creative takes on fine seasonal and local fare, particularly the inspired Wagyu steak. Each item served is its own piece of art; the à la carte menu leaves the curation up to you. —Carrington Morris


1006 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn
You’re in the mood for okonomiyaki, aren’t you? Real okonomiyaki, that is: bonito flake and pork belly and kewpie mayo okonomiyaki, with a cold Sapporo and a side of wasabi guacamole and gyoza chips, too. Then Okiway is the izakaya to satiate your savory Japanese pancake-deprived palate. Just follow the purple Blade Runner glow down the din of Flushing Avenue, and look for the walls lined with otaku toys straight from Akihabara. Oishī. —Scott Gordon Bleicher

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