Whole Foods Says, “No More Red-Rated Seafood”

We were pleased years ago when Whole Foods launched sustainably-minded color-coding at the fish counter, as per the Blue Ocean Institute. Green=best; yellow=so-so; red=avoid, as these fish are deemed as overfished or caught in way harmful to species living around it. But we still wondered–why carry the red-flagged fish at all?  Starting Earth Day, or April 22, they won’t.

Celebrate the growing appeal of those green-lighted species by buying trout (it’s fast-growing), tilapia (it’s responsibly farmed), squid and snapper, to name a but a few, as well as small swimmers like sardines, and filterers like oysters and clams. Though that does mean you’ll have to say bye to bluefin, at least at Whole Foods.

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