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Soccer Fever at Nevada Smith's on Third Street, Where Football is a Religion
Soccer Fever at Nevada Smith’s, Where “Football is a Religion”

There’s so much to do this weekend it’s really almost panic-inducing. But one of the things we’re most excited about is watching the US mens’ soccer team play their next game in the World Cup tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 against Ghana — well, one of us here, at any rate. That would be me.

Our editorial staff was just discussing how we like to spend our free time, as we, like most of you in here Manhattan, have precious little of it.  Most of the time we all prefer to spend as much of it as we can this time of year outdoors in the summertime — preferably at Greenmarkets, picnicking in parks or dining al fresco, natch — instead of in dark bars or anywhere near a tube.

But I maintain something to be said for settling in to watch those type of events that bring a city together. You know: Important happenings like election returns, inaugurals, State of the Union addresses, and, ahem, soccer games.

And despite the growth of third-wave coffee shops (which we adore, don’t get us wrong) bars remain the at-large living rooms in big cities like ours, and get-the-country together events like watching USA advance in the cup is when the whole family hits the den for some TV QT. (That’s television quality time.)

This Saturday is one of those rare opportunities to meet your neighbors — hell, you’ll high-five your neighbors — drink down some brews at inappropriately early times (preferably local ones, like those that’ll be served at our Good Beer fest next month), snack on a tavern burger or two and leave, whether your team wins or loses, feeling just a little bit more connected to your part of the world. Not a bad way to spend the weekend, eh?

P.S. If you happen to live in Brooklyn and want to know where to watch it, there’s some awesome Edible-minded suggestions on where to watch in the borough of Kings on Edible Brooklyn’s Facebook page, by the way.

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