Your Yin & Yang Weekend: Rally at Ruby’s (Again), Then Hit the Alchemy of Taste & Smell

Yes, it’s true, Ruby’s is open for yet another Saturday rally this weekend. (You recall our ode to the end of the place last week.) And if yesterday’s post on the bar’s second last hurrah by our friends over at Grub Street didn’t make you immediately put off any other plans you had for Saturday, perhaps these photos from last weekend’s first last hurrah will. We were there making history! Where were you?

If cold bottles of Bud aren’t your style — and actually, Ruby’s was out of them by about 2 p.m. last weekend, and we personally killed their bottle of Jim Beam — then perhaps the two-day Astor Center series on The Alchemy of Taste and Smell is where you’ll be? That’s two days of lectures, meals demos and cocktail parties on the intersection of taste, and you guessed it, smell, led by the culinary and mixology experts in the field — Audrey Saunders, Johnny Iuzzini, Dave Arnold, Harold McGee, David Chang and Wylie Dufresne for starters — all held at a high-tech center for culinary education. It’s perhaps the exact most opposite thing you could be doing from hanging out at Ruby’s. Though now that we think of it, Coney Island is no slouch itself when it comes to the alchemy of taste and smell….

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